happiness happens. from within.
change conquers. clear the static.peace perfects. when hearts unite.wisdom widens. nourish the mind.patience prevails. in time. answers come.spirituality strengthens. two paths. down one.giving gains. magnify goodness.happiness happens. from within.peace perfects. when hearts unite.spirituality strengthens. two paths. down one.Wordologies Coffee Mugscompassion consoles. lighten the load.simplicity sweetens. illuminate the ordinary.bottom stampWordologies Handcrafted Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs


Double your morning perk-up. Add punch to your afternoon tea. Our mugs are handcrafted in USA and lead-free. 14 oz.


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Product Description

Chunky and substantial, they feel darn good in your hands and look great on your desk. Best of all, they feature the Wordologies message of your choosing. Glimpse a quiet reminder to live well before each sip.

Handcrafted in the USA, each mug is microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe. (Although we’re not entirely sure what your mug would be doing in the oven, we won’t judge. You do what feels right.)