lighten the load.
clear the static.when hearts unite.nourish the mind.transformation time. answers come.paint your dreams.magnify goodness.need an answer?you're ok. you always were.two paths. down one.for you. within you.from within.light your inner flame.



Write it down. Whatever “it” might be, these lovely notepads make a happy home or workplace—patterned as they are with our jazzy motifs and an inspiring Wordologies message. You get a meaningful reminder on every page.


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Product Description

Each notepad is handily sized at 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, and ready for your pen with 100 blank pages. Order the messages that speak to you and scatter them about so that wherever you are, you’re poised to pen practical notes, capital-I Ideas, and five-year plans. We can also vouch for their efficacy at recording doodles and lunch orders. Made in USA.

Notepad Sayings …also click on notepad image above to increase image size to view

confidence calms. you’re ok. you always were.

compassion consoles. lighten the load.

empowerment energizes. transformation awaits.

creativity captivates. paint your dreams.

forgiveness frees. for you. within you.

wisdom widens. nourish the mind.

thinking transforms. need an answer?

spirituality strengthens. two paths. down one.

peace perfects. when hearts unite.

patience prevails. in time. answers come.

imagination ignites. light your inner flame.

happiness happens. from within.

change conquers. clear the static.

giving gains. magnify goodness.