Our People

Mother and daughter team, Juliane and DeAnn Monko, founded Wordologies in November 2012 with the hope to inspire others to lead more positive lives.  Wordologies came to fruition when Juliane and DeAnn combined their interests of public health and physical education in hopes that people use these simple messages to transform their lives. Years later their mission continues.  

Juliane’s public health background was the springboard for Wordologies. Through her studies, it became clear that healthcare facilities and prescriptions weren’t the beginning and end of healthier lives. And meaningful words seemed like an effective way to help support that idea. Juliane and DeAnn created a collection of sayings, and called it Wordologies. (We made that name up, yes. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, even though we’re very serious about helping people live better lives.) We used the color red in our logo because it symbolizes energy, and we are big believers in the power of individuals to take control of their lives.

With her master’s degree in public health, Juliane realizes that improving health involves taking charge from within. Living a balanced life is an inside job. Juliane enjoys watching people transform their lives when they are empowered to make wellness a priority.

DeAnn received her bachelor’s of science in physical education and promotes the health benefits of an active lifestyle. She developed an interest in holistic theory after experiencing the benefits of mindfulness firsthand by learning new ways to respond to life’s challenges. She is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with others.